Turf Talk: Curb Appeal and Front Yard Artificial Turf Solutions.

Turf Talk: Curb Appeal and Front Yard Artificial Turf Solutions.

When Weeds Bloom Like Wildflowers, Artificial Turf Grows Bottom-Line Value

There is a time in every Cypress, California home owner’s life when they look at the front yard and don’t want to mow the lawn. When no matter how hard you try, your green thumb is turned way down to bone-dry brown or in frustration at a lawn where the weeds unfortunately seem to bloom like wildflowers. At Turf Capitol, we understand the pain. We also understand the value of curb appeal.

So how about curb appeal and low maintenance in the same deal? Take a picture of your front lawn and contact us here, we will come to your home and show you!

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Curb appeal is often a top consideration for Cypress, California property owners looking at an artificial turf solution. While not maintenance free, premium synthetic grass products keep a front yard green and proper year round, and a quality install of a premium artificial turf product cuts monthly maintenance down to the ground with a 15-year product quality warranty as a foundation.

More importantly, the curb appeal of a premium artificial turf sets a tone for the eye of the beholder, making it a perfect fit for front yards that greet visitors or inspire neighbors. Home values in a neighborhood depend on maintenance, upkeep and presentation of the community – curb appeal. However, for many long-term home owners and even starter families, the front yard is the least commonly used space of a property requiring the most attention. It is the constant first impression and tone setter for a block. It is the low maintenance, high expectation solution that makes sense for water conservation paired to aesthetic presentation.

Call us or contact us via email today and let our team of installation professionals can come to your home, show you a photo-real solution of what your lawn could look like and discuss an exact estimate of the long-term cost savings, water conservation benefits and aesthetic improvements specific to your home.

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