Turf Talk: Pet Friendly Odor Defense

Turf Talk: Pet Friendly Odor Defense

The Turf Capitol team loves our pets, and a majority of our artificial turf install clients love theirs too. However, the truth is that beloved pets (and let’s be honest we are talking dogs) often times have the greatest impact on natural lawn care and synthetic grass alike. If that’s the case, then the case can also be made that well-tended artificial turf provides the best relief from pet impacts and waste odors when compared with a natural lawn subjected to the nitrogen-burn of dog urine and poop piles.



The savings on water bills and maintenance costs alone from artificial turf is appealing to almost every homeowner. Yet often times the greatest concern for choosing to install synthetic grass is often whether or not it works for dogs and is it pet friendly?

The bald spots and urine burn associated with natural grass use by our furry friends and the accumulated odors from spot selection make a synthetic grass a perfect solution. Turf Capitol stands behind our product and enjoy the answering our “why” artificial turf is a preferred landscape option for homeowners, even those with pets.

Turf Capitol is here to tell you that our artificial turf is dog approved and our premium synthetic grass products offer superior quality and advanced antimicrobial protection that makes pet odor abatement a number one and number two priority. Artificial grass is pet friendly for all their outdoor business.

How does Turf Capitol stand behind its hype on its synthetic grass claims on pet lawn odor?

Turf Capitol offers premium artificial turf featuring antimicrobial treatment to ensure the resiliency to pet odor for the life of our premium turf and infill. Read more about this nex-gen approach to lawn treatment here: https://www.microban.com/

What does Turf Capitol recommend as the above and beyond no dog urine odor insurance?

Turf Capitol recommends use of a non-toxic/biodegradable/non-foaming odor removal cleanser from a reputable brand. As Southern Californian’s we proudly recommend: https://simplegreen.com/products/pet-outdoor-odor-eliminator/]

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